Creating wonders from wood and...

Preserving the traditions of Hi-End audio



Prepare yourself for a new dimension in sound.
Introducing the Zeta Zero loudspeakers.
Answer for a few questions:
Do you desire the ultimate world class audio solutions for your 21st century home cinema?
Do you long to feel the same powerful adrenalin pumping sound of a live concert in your own room ?
Do you need a sound shocking multichannel system, custom-made exclusively for you, especially adjusted to suit your home?
Do you want a system which is not ordinary, but extraordinary?
Then Zeta Zero is the system for you. Here the link to photos from last Audio Show on National Stadium
Here  news about the first in The World Omnidirectional wideband ribbon system "ORBITAL360" !

The "new world" of high-end home cinema & stereo loudspeakers and amplifiers.
Handmade. Limited. Exclusively for those with the highest demands in luxury.

Ask for prices, we send PDF pricelist for all models of Zeta Zero including ORBITAL360.



So...what is ZETA ZERO?

One of the very best high-end loudspeakers systems ever made in the opinion of many experienced audiophiles. Unique cutting edge new powerful TRUE ribbon transducer ultra wide-band  technology, extremely durable, with incredible sound parameters, and very advanced electronics, placed in beautiful 21st century new-age solid wood cabinets. Created for the exacting music lovers who want to transform their luxury living rooms into spectacular home theatres of wonderous sounds & visions, and sensations never known before.

ZETA ZERO is therefore a combination of ART & performance, custom cabinets hand-created from wood, combined with a large number of components for optimized sound. And everything brought together with an almost unlimited power reaching up into kilowatts, and unprecedented dynamics unheard of in domestic audio systems. This symbiosis of features is usually absent in the typical high-end offers, whose common complaint is that they offer weak power , low efficiency and very high sensitivity to any overloading in return for good bandwidth. Due to the advanced materials and innovative solutions, ZETA ZERO are able to combine these contradictory features , and effectively remove these known limitations and disadvantages.

As a result, ZETA ZERO speakers performance is the answer for all those looking for something outstanding in the sea of mass-produced audio equipment. At least that is the overwhelming opinion of our customers - in their view- incomparable sound. We have dedicated our construction to music connoisseurs who appreciate luxury and a new dimension in perfect sound- those biased against the normal, often imperfect offers of others' audio sound, those ready to go that extra mile to hear good sound. Thus many years ago, with this in mind, we created an engineering research project - ZETA ZERO to overcome the contemporary sound barriers specific to the speakers currently on the market. In fact, according to some listeners ZETA ZERO is in effect the equivalent of a Formula 1 race car.

 A perfect harmony of beauty, design and technology...

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