Orbital360 speakers  

Stereo & Bi-Stereo

Omni-directional coaxial (All-directional 360 degrees radiating) wide-band, powerful pasive home ribbon loudspeakers.4-way. Hi-End audio solution perfect for luxurious Stereo and reference Home Theatre. Work well with most of amplifiers, amplituners and tube amps. Available in 5 sizes and power levels: 300, 600, 1000, 1250, 2500 Watt RMS per each one loudspeaker box. Fitted with revolutionary BI-Stereo option each one loudspeaker plays full stereo image. The sound sensations are extraordinary. "3D& Space" sound spectacle uknown from any traditional (angular) loudspeaker. Finished in luxurious exotic woods and leather.




ORBITAL360 we offer in many combinations of colours, unique exotic wood & leather, and for special orders-finish including 24-carat plated gold versions (see below different models).

Orbital 360 works as standard loudspeaker (mono) or in BI-Stereo mode - as stereo loudpseaker. In this revolutionary mode each one loudspeaker plays full stereo image (two channels from one loudspeaker box). This is the first wideband ALL-Directional home HI FI ribbon loudspeaker with stereo emission worldwide.

Thanks to the completely spherical shape and special omnidirectional powerful ribbon transducer, Orbital360 columns radiate energy evenly throughout the room up to 360 degrees horizontally around the column plus in the vertical direction- mid freq. carbon support drivers ). Thanks to this, they give a fantastic acoustic image and an extremely realistic alignment of the sound "live", unknown from any loudspeakers with traditional angular, flat walls. What is very important from the point of view of sound quality only in a circular shaped enclosure, no harmful sound waves are created.

ORBITAL360 Slim in proportion to the human.

The “Orbital360” solution also eliminates the harmful sound directivity of an ordinary loudspeaker and does not radiate energy in the form of a concentrated beam striking the ears of listeners like traditional solutions do. With omni-directional ribbon speakers, the whole room is filled evenly with acoustic energy, which means no unpleasant "sweet spot" effect.
As a result no harmful accumulation of energy in front of the loudspeaker or harmful equalization of frequency bands to either side of the loudspeaker, eliminating next well known unpleasant "dipole effect" on bass (typical of electrostatic loudspeakers).
Because there is no need to sit at a single listening point in the room (no "sweet spot" at all), listeners enjoy a high degree of freedom of movement and high quality stereo music even at a distance from the speakers and in all parts of a room.

Using of BI-Stereo gives additional new, strong, unusual and uknown filings comparing to any traditional loudspeaker. In this revolutionary mode loudspeakers nearly "disappear" in the sound field. You hear sounds, you do not hear loudspeakers. Using Bi-stereo you do not need to use any central loudspeaker too ! Bi-stereo gives fantastic freedom of listening position and extraordinary sound experience.You do not hear loudspeakers, you hear "SOUND SPACE".

It provides the experience of musical realism, unknown from classical speakers. Bi-Stereo "release" the sound creating a almost 3D artistic stage instead of two point-playing traditional mono speakers - left and right.

The perfect loudspeakers for high-end stereo and advanced high power multi-channel home theatre installations as 5.1, 7.1, 8.0 channels, etc. Basing on the ORBITAL360 columns, you can configure any multichannel home theater system with unprecedented acoustic qualities unknown from any traditional speakers. We advise you in detail in this regard.

Tech specs:

All ORBITAL360 loudspeaker are 4-WAY passive.

Orbital360 may work with any amplifier. We offer also ourown amplifier model 1175 of power over 1100 Watt RMS per channel perfect for all Orbital360 models.

In each loudspeaker one patented duplicated ring magnetic and electric system operating in all 360 degrees with the option of adjusting the angle of radiation. (Each Orbital360 is build of over 1000 components)

Available impedance of the loudspeaker on request can be set between 1 to 8 Ohms depending on the configuration of bass drivers , one or two-coil bass sections.
(Inquire for more details, tech advice and consultation). See also the table below.

Terminals: single & bi-wiring,
Efficiency around 90-92 dB/1 Watt,.

Bass system type-depending on model: Opened Labyrinth -Transmission Line ,bassreflex or Double Isobaric System.
Built-in phase switches for 3 low-mid, mid, high bands
Built-in 6dB 24 karat golden plated dampers for mid and high frequencies.

Frequency response depending on the model. In a full power variant (model pictured) from approx. 15 Hz (practical energy conversion starts from about 13-14 Hz) to about 50 kHz and can be up to 100 kHz depending on individual membrane construction, adjustment and personal needs.
Body of Orbital360 finished with a thin layer of exotic wood or luxurious leather.

The modular design of the entire loudspeaker, built of 3 or 4 independent parts and separate to facilitate rapid transport and easy handling. The head ribbon (black roller at the top of the column) weighs approx. 28 kg. The weight of bass section depends on the power and ranges from 29 kg to approx. 69 kg; the weight of the granite stand (under the column) is about 14 kg.

Programmable polar pattern:In addition to the standard Orbital360 version with its fixed 360-degree polar pattern, we also offer an Orbital360 that is also equipped with the special option for flexible adjustment of the sound radiation angle. With this option an Obital360 owner may adjust (according to personal taste and preference) the width of the Orbital360 radiation from 36 degrees (typical for most classical home stereo loudspeakers) to the full 360 degrees, thus achieving a fully omni-directional sound emission.
It is possible to set the polar pattern of the loudspeaker individually for high and mid frequencies; each ribbon band is independently programmable in 10 steps, from 36 to the full 360 degrees, using a simple X Philips-screwdriver and fingers in just minutes.

Final information:

  • Exterior finish - a large selection of colors and types of exotic wood or leather, with the possibility of subsequent coating change for a different color and a different variant of wood or leather.
  • Standard finish semi-gloss .Also full “piano” gloss available
  • extra option enabling adjustable direction from 36 to 360 degrees
  • 2-year worldwide guarantee
  • orbital loudspeakers are available in sets of at least a pair or more
  • *We reserve the right to change design and specifications at any time without notice


Nano 1200 Watt RMS
136cm X 27 cm


Slim 1000 Watt RMS
139cm X 33 cm


Discovery 300 Watt RMS
132cm X 42 cm


Royal 600 Watt RMS
Imperial 1250 Watt RMS
145cm X 42 cm


Reference 2500 Watt RMS
158cm X 42 cm








one box


Options of impedance











under tests

2x1,2,2x2, 2x4,4






2x2, 4, 8












2 or 4






2, 2x2, 4






1x4 , 2x2